The winter season is currently unfolding in its snowy, wondrous splendor. While we eagerly embrace the festive holiday season, the inconveniences brought by snowfall are starting to pile up. If you’re a property owner, you know that maintenance comes with the territory, including keeping driveways clear and preventing damage from accumulating snow.

You might already be considering hiring snow removal services or snow removal contractors, and that’s a great idea to tackle the first snowfall before it becomes a mountain. But if you’re feeling up to the challenge of removing the snow yourself, we’ve got some tips that will make the process a breeze. In this blog, we’re sharing practical tips to make your snow removal efforts more effective and make the entire experience much less daunting. Let’s dive in and make winter a bit more manageable!

1. Time Your Snow Shoveling Exercise Right

The pros recommend tackling the snow when it hits the 2 to 4-inch mark to avoid the headache of it turning into stubborn ice. While the practicality of a morning shovel might be appealing, the golden time is usually in the warmer hours after noon. That’s when the pavement gets a bit warmer, making snow removal less sticky and icy. Don’t forget to check if your neighborhood or town has any rules (HOA or town regulations) about when you can clear snow – knowing these could save you from potentially pricey fines.

2. Pick Your Tools Wisely

If you’re in the market for a new snow shovel or an upgrade, consider three options: standard, ergonomic, or pusher. Standard shovels feature straight wood/metal/plastic shafts with metal or metal-edged blades, offering an economical and straightforward choice. Ergonomic snow shovels cater to various mobility needs, providing easier use and minimizing discomfort during snow removal. Pushers, also known as wide snow shovels, excel at sliding across pavements to move snow aside swiftly. While heavier and designed for heavy lifting, pushers work in tandem with standard shovels for clearing snow from tight spaces.

3. Treat Your Shovel Beforehand

If you’re tired of snow sticking to your shovel during removal, we’ve got a quick fix for you. A little pre-snow-removal treatment can make all the difference. Simply apply a coat of wax, and it should do the trick for several snowfalls. 

You’ve got options here – choose between skis and snowboard waxing products or a thin coat of paraffin wax or car wax. Another handy trick is using oil-based cooking spreads or sprays to coat the shovel, preventing blade rusting and snow-sticking issues. Just be sure to wipe off the excess oil when you’re done. Petroleum jelly, motorcycle chain lube, WD40, or gun cleaning products are all viable options. Pick the one that suits your personal needs and environmental considerations before deciding.

4. Invest in Roof Rakes

Buying a roof rake is also a wise investment for the snow season. Roof rakes offer several merits for efficient snow removal from rooftops. One key advantage is the prevention of ice dams, which can form when snow accumulates and then freezes on the roof’s edges. Using a roof rake to remove excess snow can reduce the risk of these damaging ice formations. Additionally, roof rakes provide a safer alternative to climbing on the roof for snow removal, minimizing the potential for accidents and injuries. Regular use of a roof rake can help extend the lifespan of the roof by preventing unnecessary stress and strain caused by the weight of accumulated snow. This tool is particularly valuable in regions with heavy snowfall.

5. Keep the Frequented Walkways Clear

Clearing snow from your property sometimes calls for a strategic game plan. One nifty move is to cover up the crucial walkways (and driveways) that you use the most. The budget-friendly trick here is to throw down a tarp – super easy to remove, and you can dash out quickly. 

If you’re up for a more high-tech solution, think about installing snow-melting systems that work their magic and automatically clear your driveway. Yes, it might hit your wallet at first, but trust us, it pays off in the long haul. And for an eco-friendly twist, solar-powered heating mats are a solid option to stop ice from forming in its tracks. So, whether you’re a tarp ninja or a solar superhero, there are cool ways to keep those essential paths clear and safe.

6. Perfect Your Technique

As we said, shoveling snow is quite an undertaking, so pace yourself accordingly. Ensure you bend your knees and lift with your legs, keeping the shovel blade close to your body. Steer clear of twisting motions that strain your back; instead, turn your entire body when dumping snow. When dealing with substantial snowfall, avoid attempting to dig to the ground in one go. Shovel gradually, focusing on a few inches at a time to manage the weight effectively. Provide relief to each side of your body by alternating between right and left-handed shoveling. Consider varying your grip from underhand to overhand to mitigate fatigue and ward off muscle soreness.

7. Bring Out Those Ice Melts

When shoveling off snow, and ice melts can be a real hero. Clear the snow manually first, follow recommended application rates to avoid waste, and choose products suitable for your surfaces. Keep an eye on treated areas, reapply as needed, and promptly remove melted slush.

For a DIY ice melt, mix two parts rubbing alcohol with one part water and apply sparingly.

Pro Tip: Spread it over cleared areas to prevent ice formation under new snow. It’s like giving your cleared space an extra layer of protection. Shovel smart, melt wisely, and enjoy a winter win!

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