It is always advisable to plan ahead with your snow removal service Frederick, MD while getting ready for your residential or commercial property for the winter. Snow tends to conceal areas of your property that are vulnerable to breakage, as residents of New England are aware, and snowplows can inflict severe damage if the drivers are unaware of an obstruction. You can take various measures to prevent property damage during snow removal before the snow accumulates.

How Can Snow Plow Damage Be Avoided?

Taking the required preparations is the best approach to prevent snow plow damage in your yard and driveway. Your lawn may be protected from snow plow damage with even the most basic instruments. For instance, a good place to start is by utilizing reflective markers to identify the yard’s perimeter. The snow removal specialists operating on site should be able to see the outline of the lawn and the marking of irrigation sprinklers.

Use higher reflective markers or stakes if you decide to delineate your grass. The snow covering them is not what you desire. This makes them visible to everyone, allowing them to maneuver around the most delicate areas cautiously.

What About Necessary Repairs for the Spring?

So, in the end, you were unable to prevent snow plow damage to the walkway and yard. 

We must, however, emphasize that prevention is the key to preventing snow plow damage. Taking proactive measures to secure your walkway and lawn is advisable. You will be able to save time and money on springtime repairs in this way. The secret to maintaining a healthy and attractive yard is prevention. Don’t forget to take care of these tasks before the first snowstorm catches you off guard.

8 Ways To Avoid Damage During Snow Removal 

Snow removal can be a daunting task, but it’s important to take steps to avoid property damage in the process. Here are some tips to help you avoid property damage during snow removal:

Use The Right Equipment

Ensure you have the appropriate equipment for the job, such as a snow blower or shovel. Using the wrong equipment can lead to damage to your property or injury to yourself.

Be Mindful Of Your Surroundings

Take note of any obstacles around your property, such as mailboxes, fences, or shrubs. Avoid hitting these objects with your equipment when removing snow, as it can cause damage.

Use Caution With Ice Melt

Ice melt can be a helpful tool in keeping walkways and driveways free from ice and snow, but it’s essential to use it with care. Some types of ice melt can be damaging to concrete, brick, and other surfaces, especially if used excessively. When applying ice melt, following the manufacturer’s instructions carefully, including the recommended amount and the application frequency is essential. Additionally, sweeping up any excess ice melt once the snow has melted is crucial, as leaving it on the surface can lead to further damage. By using ice melt sparing

Shovel Carefully

When shoveling snow, be careful not to hit the edges of your driveway or sidewalk, as this can cause damage to the concrete or asphalt.

Clear Snow Away From Your Property

When removing snow, make sure to pile it away from your property and any objects that could be damaged. This can help prevent damage to your property from heavy snow piles or melting snow.

Protecting Pavers 

Pavers need a rubber-edged snowplow blade to prevent damage, so make sure the snow removal provider is informed if your property has pavers.

Maintaining Plant Life

Experts should be aware that utilizing too much snowmelt close to winter gardens or greenery can harm plants and that piling too much snow up against trees might damage their bark. This involves preventing snow laden with salt from accumulating on plants.

Preventing Contamination of Water Features

Even a small amount of snowmelt can kill any fish or plants that are in hibernation in a water feature. Chemical pollution can be avoided by using an environmentally friendly deicer.

Why Should You Choose Tino Landscaping For Snow Removal Services?

Some snow removal companies will also employ the use of snow stakes to keep track of the area at high risk for damage, such as speed bumps. Their attention to detail will inform you of their likelihood of wrecking your property.

A few precautions on your and the landscaping company’s behalf can help avoid property damage during snow removal. Of course, hiring professionals with experience maintaining several properties each year is also recommended. At Tino Landscaping in Frederick, MD, with years of experience, we’re capable of maintaining your landscape design near me, prepping your hardscape for winter, and mitigating any damages potentially caused by snow removal. Contact us today if you’re interested in hiring efficient snow-removal experts for your property.

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