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Even if you have a well-maintained lawn, soil compaction and the continuous buildup of particles can affect the breathability of your garden. A thatchy lawn can also prevent you from properly mowing your lawn. There is a way! Tino Landscaping can help you bring back your lawn to its original beauty.

Our aerating experts use the best tools to create space between grassroots. We ensure that there’ll be no damage to the blades of grass, so you can fully enjoy your garden after we are done. We use spike aerators, plug aerators, landscape rakes, and other specialized equipment to help break up surface compaction, improve drainage, reduce thatch build-up, and allow your lawn’s roots access to air and water. We are among the best lawn aeration companies near me in Frederick, MD, that have perfected all the aeration techniques over the years. So, whether you need something simple like spike aeration or more detailed processes like liquid or core aeration, we can do it all!

Show some extra love to your lawn by choosing our lawn aeration services in Frederick. Schedule your appointment today!

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Is It Worth It to Aerate Your Lawn?

You might be wondering what the purpose of this extra step in your lawn-care routine is. Lawn aeration is used to treat problems with your lawn, such as compaction, thatch buildup, and thatch prevention. The process involves the use of specialized equipment to puncture holes in your lawn. This helps to restore oxygen and water to the soil, allowing grass roots to grow more easily and promote healthy growth.

  • Promotes stronger, longer-lasting grassroots.
  • It enables air and water to reach the roots and soil.
  • Aids in breaking up compacted, dense soil.
  • Allows for improved fertilization.
  • Stops the growth of mushrooms.
  • Increases resistance to insects.
  • Improves resistance to drought.
  • Promotes fresh growth.

Our Aerating Process: We Do It The Right Way!

When you are looking for a reliable lawn aeration service near me in Frederick, MD, Tino Landscaping is your best bet. Our process is simple and quick, so you don’t have to wait all day for it!

We’ll send a team to inspect your lawn, discuss your needs, and provide an estimate for the job.

  • When everything is finalized, our experts will visit you on the scheduled day with all the equipment needed in the process. 
  • We use specialized aerators to puncture holes in your lawn’s surface. The holes allow water, fertilizer, and other nutrients to reach the roots of your grass, which will help it grow more vigorously.
  • Then, we’ll add a mixture of fertilizer and seed into each hole, then replace the dirt and seed over it to cover up the holes. This gives new grass seeds a chance to grow in those areas while keeping them safe from pests.
  • Once we’re done aerating your lawn, we’ll give it time to heal before mowing so it doesn’t get damaged.
  • It takes less than an hour per acre of land, so most clients report seeing results within two weeks after treatment.

What Is The Best Time To Aerate Your Lawn?

Depending on the type of grass in your lawn, you should aerate when necessary.  If you need lawn aeration services in a warmer area like Frederick, MD, spring is the best time to go for it. The soil is moist in this season, making the process of puncturing easier. It also allows water and nutrients to absorb in the soil quickly. The type of grass you have also determine the perfect time for aeration. For example, if you have cool-season grass like Perennial Ryegrass, aeration should be done in the spring and fall. for aerating warm-season grass types like St. Augustine grass, you can aerate during the summers.

Lawn Aeration

Signs Its Time For Lawn Aeration

Aerating your lawn is the best way to solve multiple common growth issues with your grass. However, if you are unsure about when is the right time to go for it, here are a few signs to look for:

  • The lawn is thin and patchy.
  • Water pooling.
  • A lot of mole mills on the lawn.
  • Small holes hinting at pest infestation.
  • You’ve got an area where there’s no grass at all.
  • You’re having trouble growing trees and shrubs in your yard.

Frequently Ask Questions

Can I aerate my lawn by myself?

DIY lawn aeration can be tiresome and hectic because mechanical lawn aerators are quite heavy and large machines to deal with. If you don’t have enough experience doing your lawn work yourself, it’s better to leave this job to our professionals.

How often should I aerate my lawn?

If you have heavy foot traffic, such as kids playing outside or pets running around, aerate twice per year. If you don’t have much traffic or don’t often mow, aerate once per year.

Can I mow my lawn after aeration?

We recommend mowing your lawn after aerating it to remove the plugs of soil. We mow your lawn at a higher setting to avoid cutting too much extra growth. 

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