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Your lawn is a place to unwind, relax, and enjoy life with friends and family. It’s also a place for entertaining guests, hosting parties, and making memories that will last a lifetime. But your backyard could become a jungle of weeds and fallen leaves if you don’t care for it. 

That’s where Tino Landscaping comes in. With our expert landscaping in Damascus, MD, we’ll ensure your outdoor space exceeds what you expected. Whether you’re looking to create a relaxing retreat from the hustle and bustle of everyday life or you want to add some color and style to your yard, we can help!

Our landscapers in Damascus have extensive knowledge and experience in designing, installing, and maintaining your gardens. Call us and get ready to see your lawn transformed into an oasis!

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Our Premier Landscaping Services in Frederick, MD

We are a full-service landscaping company committed to helping you build the beautiful lawn you’ve always dreamed of. Whether you want to redesign your existing lawn with trimming and planting or create a new one, we’re just a call away!

Trimming Services

We’ll help you get your yard looking its best by ensuring trees and shrubs are properly trimmed to grow at their full potential. We are experienced in working with all types of trees, from evergreens to deciduous and shrubs like Holly and Viburnum. We use high-end equipment, including hand-held shears or motorized hedge trimmers, to safely and efficiently trim any size tree or shrub. Our team is highly skilled at pruning and shaping trees, so you can trust us to provide excellent care for your landscaping.

Planting Services

Adding plants to your outdoor space can create a beautiful landscape enhancing the curb appeal of your property. But finding the right plant for your outdoor space is a big decision and one you don’t want to rush. Our Damascus landscapers will work with you to design the perfect plan for your yard, from choosing the plants and flowers available to the process and maintenance tips. From palm trees to rose bushes, we have a range of seasonal plants and flowers available. Our planting services include:

  • Flower beds and flower pots
  • Trees, shrubs, and bushes
  • Perennials (including annuals)
  • Ground covers
  • Seeds and bulbs

Lawn Mowing

Regular lawn mowing is the most important part of lawn care. It is best to mow your lawn as often as possible, especially during the growing season. We believe in keeping your lawn looking healthy and vibrant by performing regular mowing—a minimum of two times per week during peak growing seasons and once every two weeks during the non-peak period. 

We use the best equipment and cutting-edge techniques for mowing your lawn. We use gas-powered push mowers for most jobs and have a large tractor for larger areas or steep slopes that would be difficult for a manual push mower. Whether you need weekly mowing or more frequent services, we’re always available to serve you!

Snow Removal

As the snow melts, it can seep through cracks in the pavement and sidewalk and pool up around your foundation, leading to moisture damage over time. That’s why Tino Landscaping provides snow removal services throughout the winter months!

We use state-of-the-art equipment like snow blowers, shovels, and plows to clear snow from your driveway or sidewalk quickly and efficiently. We also use de-icing salt to ensure no one slips on ice when walking around the house or parking their vehicle in the driveway.

Leaf Removal

In areas with high annual rainfall like Damascus, you may need to have your leaves removed every 2-3 weeks during peak seasons. Tino Landscaping is your one-stop shop for all your leaf removal needs! We’ll help you get rid of those leaves cluttering up your yard, and we’ll do it in a way that’s safe for your lawn. We use power rakes, standard rakes, and leaf blowers to remove all the leaves from your lawn in minimum time. So, wait no more and book your appointment today!

Spring & Fall Cleanup

Spring and fall are the best times to get your lawn in tip-top shape, and Tino Landscaping is here to help your lawn look green, healthy, and beautiful!

Our spring cleanup service includes aeration, dethatching, overseeding, fertilizer application (if needed), and grading/leveling of soil—all at one low price! For our fall cleanup service, we will remove dead plant material from the lawn area, rake up leaves that have fallen onto the grass during the previous season, then apply topsoil to help prevent erosion during the winter months ahead.

Offering One-Of-A-Kind Experience!

When you’re looking for professional landscaping services nearby in Damascus, MD, you need a team you can rely on. And that’s exactly what we offer. We take pride in being the best option for your needs: whether helping you design a garden or creating an outdoor living space that will make your friends jealous, we’re here for it all!

Professional Design Consultation 

With our professional design consultation, we can help you create the most beautiful garden in your area. Whether you want to redesign your entire yard or add a few plants and flowers—we’ll work with you until it’s exactly what you want. We love to hear about your expectations and help bring them to life in your landscape design!

Competitive Rates

Our market competitive rates are another reason to choose us for your next landscaping project.  We also offer free estimates on all our jobs and flexible scheduling, so no matter what your budget or schedule looks like, we can work with it!

About Damascus, MD

Damascus is a small town in Montgomery County, Maryland, with a population of 17,224. It’s known for its beautiful natural landscapes and outdoor recreational opportunities, making it a popular destination for residents and visitors. The town is known for its historic architecture and sites, including Damascus Community Center and the Old Stone House Museum. There are many things to do in Damascus—from hiking trails at Rock Run Nature Preserve to dining at local restaurants like The Red Lion Inn or eating ice cream at Gumbos Creamery & Chocolates on Main Street. The climate in Damascus is temperate, with hot summers and mild winters.

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